don henley anyone????

what would you consider to be the best one or two albums ever done by henley outside of the eagles????
I was a real big fan of his first solo album I Can't Stand Still-I think personally it's his most complete work although the next two contained some better individual songs (Boys Of Summer,NY Minute,Heart Of The Matter etc.)they featured some horrific studio effects/over production and misjudgments in style imho.
After that it got all too formualised and bland for my tastes although he was hardly ever exactly unsmooth :-).
I guess I was probably just closer to his first album in terms of style and production but it's been a long long time since I listened to it.
It must be about 19 years old now.
Building the Perfect Beast is my opinion. "Boys of Summer" is one of the all-time best songs ever. There are a bunch of other good songs on that album as well.


P.S. Eagles are touring this year......
Agree with Building The Perfect Beast. Every cut is a winner IMO.
Lots of great stuff here guys, Don's just a genius. But my vote goes to The End Of The Innocence. Not only one killer cut after another, but his writting is brilliant and takes you to many different places in the course of 45 minutes. I could wax on about this, but will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the album; "If dirt were dollars...we'd all be in the black"!