Don Gruisens Raven- GRP

I picked this up at my local cd store 2 weeks ago. Out of the "used" section for $4. Cannot put it down. I have some of Gruisens other work but this is awesome. The production on it is amazing. GRP put out some really good quality recordings(IMHO). The instruments just jump out at you. Are they still around?
GRP digital recordings on LP have outstanding clarity, spaciousness, soundstaging and are very quiet. Dave Grusin's music is good listening. Especially great is the GRP All-stars Live. GRP was absorbed by Verve records after Grusin and Rosen left.
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Check out Mountain Dance by Dave Grusin as well.

GRP All-stars Live is an outstanding recording as well.
I just picked up a LP by Dave Grusin and the Dream Orchestra "Live at the Budokan" on JVC label (Japanese Vinyl) at a used record store for $7.99. Vinyl is dead quiet and it sounds fantastic. Big name players including Lee Ritenour, Eric Gale, Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson, and Tiger Okoshi.
Two Worlds - a CD by Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour is a merging of jazz and classical and is one of my favorite CDs. They have guest performers but they both play impressive classical stuff. The guest classical performers do traditional,jazz, and classical. Renee Fleming is incredible in The Water is Wide and Shenandoah and Dave backs her up. Worth hearing... often. There is great depth to the music on this CD.