Don Allen modded Philips/ CD changer

I came across some information about Don Allen modded Philips/Magnavox CD changer which, when modded, has a tubed output. I am wondering what it looks like - does it look like and works as a changer?

I have Cary 308T and MHZS 88F CD players each of them is quite good but I am wondering whether Don Allen modded Philips player would be an improvement...
It works as a changer and the outside doesn't change except for the small tube on the back. I own two of these changers that I use in my systems and they sound great. I replaced my Esoteric CD player because I liked the sound better.
I have one but never quite got it to sound as good as I hoped; still sounds pretty good though. Your mileage may vary. The price for them is inexpensive to try. Contact member Todd Krieger at Audiosylum.