don allen gen II pre amp vs. Maple tree 4se

These are two highly regarded pre-amps at modst prices, has anyone compared them? if so, how do they differ and how would you describe there sound?
add into the mix Wright tube pre-amps, another individually made to order item with high reviews...
When I was shopping for a pre amp I considered each of these mentioned thus far and ended up with the Mapletree. I never heard the others to compare. But I am thrilled to own the Mapletree. Simple circuit, point-to-point wiring, takes less expensive 12SN7 tubes instead of pricey 6SN7 (although can do either), custom gain for each input, separate power supply, wonderful personal customer support, separate channel gains ... all for under $1k new! Since I've not heard the others I cannot compare the sound, but can say that mine sounds wonderful and has worked well as a pre to ss as well as tube amps. Rolling tubes changes the sound to your liking. If the others are as susceptible to tube rolling as the Mapletree then I'd suspect any of these would sound great. Just pick one based on their features, support, and price.
Custom gain for each input? Can you explain how that works? That type of feature has always appealed to me.
After speaking with Dr. Peppard and letting him know the output specs of my input devices he suggested 10db for my CDP and DVD player, and 18db for my cassette player, IIRC. This way, the master volume knob hovers near the middle of its travel for each piece of input gear at the volume I generally listen. Theoretically, the most linear position of the (any mechanical) volume knob is its center area. I am very glad of this feature as I often read complaints from folks with "standard" pre gains (approx. 26db-32db) that they are not able to adjust the volume to their liking because as soon as they turn it even a little the sound is already too loud.
So is the gain for each input factory set (sounds like it) or can the user set it?
IIRC, on the Mapletree, it's just a matter of swapping resistors on the source selector switch.
Clio99 - yes, "factory" set. (referring to Dr. Peppard as a factory has me chuckling ;^) Do not know if Face is correct as I've never opened it up - might be. You might consider emailing Dr. Peppard if you have any design questions - he is very helpful.
Just checked mine, each source on the selector switch has it's own set of resistors.
Face, thanks for the pic. it's very clear now.
So no one has anything to say about don allen gen ii preamp?
From looking through the archives the only member who has had recent experiences with the Don Allen Gen II preamp here is:


May be shoot him an e-mail via Audiogon to get his opinion or have him chime into this thread. He speaks very highly of the preamp from what I've read.
Jedinite, yes I saw Sean's posts, but I was hoping more would chime in. I will try emailing him. Thanks.
based on the poor response should I surmize don allen and maple tree preamps are niche buyers few and far between? And the lack of cmmentary means they don't rate highly compared to maintstream manufactures?
I replaced a First Sound Presence Deluxe with Don's preamp, and a gentleman over at audio asylum replaced a top of the line Hovland. At $800.00 you really aren't taking much of a chance. If you don't like it, you will sell it on Agon very quickly. I would be against that though.
Sorry, meant bet against that.
Also, post your questions over at audio asylum, you should get quite a bit more responses over there.
I have owned both and kept the Don Allen.
It beat my Audionote L4 in terms of involvement and timbral accuracy and tonal completeness. The Mapletree was completely uninvolving.