Dolby HX PRO Dicrete Circuit.

My AIWA cassette(AD-R707) has this feature. If anyone can explain what this means in practical terms, pls do.

From the manual

DOLBY HX PRO Discrete Circuit

" When a source containing high freq components is recorded, these components function as a bias and the high freq characteristics deteriorate. DOLBY HX PRO is a servo control system which always provides the most suitable value of bias by calculating the recording signal & the recording bias current as a whole. A metal-tape-like performance is attained even with LH tapes, because the freq response is kept flat at all times by stabilising the dynamic freq characteristics. Furthermore the DOLBY HX PRO substantially expands the high freq dynamic range.

This is not a noise reduction system.
The system functions automatically when the deck is in the Rec mode."

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Are u familiar with AMTS? MO is that these 2 features make the 707 quite unique(there is a 505 where the only diff is the counter mechanism). The manual also says that the MPX filter kicks in when using Dolby B or C NR. What does the MPX do?

I have used this deck for the Roscoe Remasters. If u are a Beatlemaniac pls check out that topic under Beatle Music at r
Thanks for response but are u saying it is for FM radio? The manual says that it operates when the Dolby NR is used-- b or c.