DOLBY HD Master Audio VS CD? What sounds better?

I thought I would start this to see what people are hearing. Those that have a 2channel music system at home and those who ALSO have a multichannel system. Or even a "hybrid" of some sorts. I've noticed some amazing detail from a few Dolby Digital HD concert DVD's. Most noteably Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Heart. The John Mayer is on CD and will sound fantastic on a ultimate 2 channel set up and I really enjoy it! However the Blu-ray version.... besides the visual effects.... how much more are we gaining OR! loosing with Dolby Digital HD (or DTS Master Audio). I'm interested to hear what people think!!!
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I'm not sure why a HD version would be losing anything since the sample rate is 4x that of a cd not to mention the 24 bit spec. The problem is...who would be buying a cd version of something that's available on HD? There's probably a few here who have both the cd & Blu-Ray version of the Jeff Beck show that can chime in but I waited specifically for the video. I just can't imagine many buying a cd just to hear what it sounds like unless they're just getting a copy for the car or ipod.
I just can't imagine many buying a cd just to hear what it sounds like unless they're just getting a copy for the car or ipod.

Some people do not like multi channel music. That whole "The drums are sounding behind my head" thing. Stereo down mixes done by the AVR con be pretty freaky sounding too. Also, most decoding of Blu Ray audio is being done by an AVR, which is often bettered by the users 2 channel set up.
That whole "The drums are sounding behind my head" thing.

That does not apply to the Dave Matthews or the John Mayer BluRays or, imho, to any decent HD MCH recording.

Also, while you may be delighting in the perceived resolution superiority of your 2channel system, you are giving all the superior spatial resolution of the MCH recording.

Thanks for the flaming. While there are some nicely recorded multi channel concerts- DVD's, SACD's, DVD-a's, a lot are plagued by un-natural miking. Hansonaudio asked why some would buy both bluray multi channel and cd versions of the same content. I gave my opinion of why. I am not 'dissing the new hi-rez bluray audio codecs. I welcome them.

Also, I was not referring to MY 2 channel system (though it would certainly apply) but to many 'Goners 2 channel systems where it likely would apply.
Well here at my store we've noticed a huge improvement with some Blu-ray Movies, and back and forth at using the AVR or using a Ultra end Blu-Ray (Which most are still crap) to do the digital auido decoding. The results are amazing either way. But what we really noticed is how well the concerts that I mentioned are heavly steered twords 2channel. Eventhough the rears give some effects of crowd or the concert hall delay (at the appropriate times) it becomes much more emotional. I was just curious to see what the awareness was of this. Hey I love my 2channel music system as much as the next guy (or more). But The HD audio format has my full attention. I'm more that blown away by it.

-Andres Sauceda

I just received the Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott’s on Blu-ray. I also have this on CD. My wife and I were really impressed with the DTS master audio's sound. The multi channel audio certainly bettered the CD, the higher resolution was really noticeable, and it was nicely mastered. IMHO.