Dolby Digital Jitter Bug

Anyone know of a jitter box (ala Monarchy DIP, Theta TLC, Genesis Digital Lens, etc.) that can accept 48 kHz encoded as DD and output the same, but cleaner.

I know the DIP can accept 48 kHz, but not sure it can accept DD and I know it outputs *only* 44.1 kHz. I tried the TLC, but the 48 kHz didn't seem to pass at all.

I would love to clean up the digital music from my digital cable service into my Yamaha DSP-A1 surround receiver. The surround isn't important here, but it happens that Cablevision encodes the digital music channels as DD.
I would like to know the answer to this also. Especially on the cheap.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Monarchy 24/96 passes dolby digital and DTS. I used one for a while but ultimated switched to theta DaVid.
I don't think Monarchy "passes" DD or DTS. Perhaps it can accept them as input, but it only outputs 2-channel audio according the the written descriptions. I also sent an email to Monarchy. Are you sure that DD and DTS were passed?
Monarchy Audio DIP Classic - 24/96 Digital Interface Processor (DIP)
A great, inexpensive add-on to any CD or DVD digital system employing separate transport and DAC. Works particularly well with the MSB DAC products. Smooth out nasty digital harshness! Features coax and Toslink inputs, and coax and balanced outputs. Handles 24/96 signals and passes all digital surround formats, including AC-3, DTS, and THX 5.1.

I copied this from the Music direct web site and in my system it did indeed pass DD and DTS. I'm usind a Proceed AVP.
Copied this from Stereophile review.
This Mk.II DIP 24/96 handles 24/96 signals and passes all digital surround formats, including AC-3 and DTS. And it includes a new AC input filter that Monarchy claims blocks "all" external noises from the AC line. All? If you say so, C.C.

I think if you get the DIP 24/96 Mk 2 you will be alright. As I recall, the DTS tracks from the eagles and Diana Krall sounded better than straight through my sony DVD player but I bought the theta because it was MUCH better than the sony/DIP combo
Camelot Technology Dragon 5.1. It can accept DTS, DD, and 24/96 PCM.