Dolby decoder with digital output (downmixed to 2 channel)?

Hi folks. Does anyone know if there's a dolby decoder that I can use to downmix tv output to two channel? Basically I want to take the 5/7.1 stream off of the tv and have control over how the bass and center channel information gets mixed before sending a 2 channel pcm stream to my two-channel dac. 

Unfortunately the tv (and/or ps5) just don't downmix well and I get weird dialog and very little bass when I just take toslink out.

Not sure if this will work, but you might try an Oppo 103/105/203/205.  These have HDMI inputs you can use and can be configured to down-mix everything to 2-channel PCM on the S/PDIF output.  It might work for you.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm giving this a shot, but unfortunately you don't have any control over the downmix.

I'll keep the oppo option in mind...