Dolan amps and preamps

Hi guys,

I just happen to come across a preliminary review of Richard Dolan's new M1 monoblocs and was ecstatic to see that he is producing equipment once again.

It was of particular interest to me because in high school, I dated his daughter and was always so fascinated that her father, Mr. Dolan, was a producer of high end gear (since audio was (is) my favourite hobby).

Has anyone here heard his new gear? Anyone heard/ own any of his older stuff?

I'm just curious to hear others' thoughts and opinions regarding anything produced by Dolan.
I'm also curious,the only reference I've seen to the amps is a glowing review at stereomojo.Canadian also eh!
Yes, Canadian!

Maybe i'll take a trip to Ottawa and track down my ex girlfriend... HOpefully, she can take me over to Mr. Dolan's place so i can see and hear the stuff first hand.