'Doing All Right' One for the Diana Krall fans

Just released on vinyl and already out on c.d. is ths live recording of her 9 song set at the Jazzaldia Festival in Spain. Great live recording with her in fine voice and playing stonking piano plus Anthony Wilson on guitar, Bob Hurst on Bass and Jeff Hamilton on drums. Great to hear a good recording of her in concert.
Okay, I just gotta ask, what is a "stonking" piano?

Is that anything like a Bosendorfer, or a Bechstein, or maybe more like a Steinway or even a Yamaha?

Or, did you misspell Stinking? ;-)

Actually, I looked it up and it means anything from fantastic or wonderful, (i.e. I had a stonking good time!), to huge, massive or painful, (i.e. I have a stonking headache!).

So, either she was playing a really huge piano, or listening to her gave you a huge headache!

Ah, must be a Friday!
Thanks for the tip Scouse . I buy all her JAZZ stuff . Stonking good .