Dogs who love music

Does anyone else's dog have particular tastes in music? My great dane LOVES beethoven, likes tchaikovsky, does not like saint saen or most rock, and seems indifferent to mozart. He'll actually come in from another room and plop down right in front of the left speaker if it's something he likes (even if it's played REALLY loud!).
The Dog does not seem to care one way or another. The Cat likes most music except Ethel Merman.
The only sound that seems to be music to my dog's ears is the "sweet rhapsody" of Pro Plan Lamb and Rice Formula hitting her metal dog dish!
And I suppose you do, Sugarbrie? Theeeeeere's NO businessss, like SSSSHHHHoooooowwwww businesss, oh oh, there went another wineglass!
Our 4 year old Dutch Drawf bunny Jezebel loves music. She tends to like Led Zep and Aerosmith, and some of the newer alternative stuff. She's not big on jazz or classical. She also likes Lyle Lovett's "Joshua Judges Ruth". And of course she likes it when I sing to her.
Yes, but he has terrible taste. I tell him to go watch MTV.
My wife used to have a cat who would literally bounce off the walls to Rage Against the Machine's Bulls on Parade. Not my sort of music, but who am I to judge the tastes of a cat?

Musicdoc, boy isn't that the truth. I got one that literally doesn't breathe for the all of 16 seconds it takes her to eat her food. I don't get too close for fear of losing a digit while it's going down, but she doesn't like music I don't think. The other of my hounds does whatever I do and if that means Motorhead on 11 then that's what it means.

The best is both of them trying to find the dog in the speakers when they hear one barking in a movie. They go nuts. They also like the sounds of wild-creatures in the nature shows I put on from time to time, like the crocodile chaser show, or the one where they show man-eating lions of Tsavo eating all the Indians. We all love it.
My dog literally howls/screams, whether in pain or ecstasy or empathy or trying to make her own music, I can't tell, whenever any recording w/harmonica comes on at home or in the car. Bob Dylan songs really KILL her, I am hoping she loves the sound because she tries so hard to emulate it. But someone suggested that maybe it hurt her ears. She hasn't said, either way. She is a black Lab named Scallywag.
J_thunders, does your "chowhound" pup happen to be an AmStaff? Mine has a whole different set of priorities than does my ex-girlfriend's Lab/Rotweiler mix. He actually pays attention to things (TV, music) while she has the priorities of an insatiable appetite for affection/attention, eating, sleeping, pooping, rolling in other animal's poop, and barking (not necessarily in that order).

I'll try the "nature sounds" thing to freak her out :-)
Both American Water Spaniels. Couldn't ask for better dogs. Mine beg for snacks, eat and sleep, in that order, anything else seems to bother them as it gets in the way of these three things.
One Saturday morning I'm sitting back in the listening chair with my eyes closed enjoying some Mozart, don't remember which piece. My wife walks in the room and starts laughing. What's so funny I ask. She points down at the floor and there are both Joey and Freddie our cocketiels facing the speakers and apparently actually listening to the music. They wouldn't tell me if they liked it or not but a pair of birds to be that attentive and quiet for me to not even realize they were around I can only guess they did :*)
My sadly departed pet parakeet Rudy, showed a distinct preference for Mozart; the only music that he would sing along to.

He also posessed an extensive vocabulary. Phrases such as: "Beam me up Scotty", "Hey Moe, look!" and "Let me out, damm it!"
Gator, a 185 lb. Old English Mastiff LIKED the Judas Priest song "Hell Bent for Leather". Fortunately, my tastes in music have slightly matured since then. He would howl everytime it played. If it were in pain, I doubt he would come in the house from the back yard to join in. This was back in 1985 or so.... The dog is long gone, as in the system I had at the time. But whenever I hear the song, I can hear him harmonizing. Ha!
My Ridgeback will only listen to Howling Wolf.
Rosstaman, do you blow smoke in his face beforehand?
I had a Maine Coon cat who loved Brahms and Bruckner. He would fight you for the sweet spot. It was a gas watching his ears rotate to follow the counterpoint between the instrumental choirs. He also hated the Ramones and would screech at you if you put them on.
For what it is worth, I agree with the Manie Coon cat on the Ramones.

The only animal we have is a guinea pig, belongs to my 15 year old son. Mr. Hobbs (the guinea) sits as peaceful as a stone, until my son cranks up his tube amp and Fender Strat. The guinea then circles the cage at light speed squealing in his high pitched voice, as though the "bad" animals were on the way to eat him.