Doge 8 Clarity - WOW

Was looking to make a change in my system. I seem to get that itch from year to year. Running home brew speakers using Usher drivers with custom crossovers, Monarchy SE-100 Delux MkII amps, Parts Connexion modded Jolida cd tube player. Currently have a Bill Baker modded Ming Da tube preamp (full mod package - Vcaps...) which itself was better than a previous VTL 2.5. I recently tried a real pricey AVM solid state preamp. It offered incredible detail but I missed the magic of tubes in the line stage.
Just acquired a Doge 8 clarity. My retired friend ran this unit for 8 > 10 hours a day for 3 years. A mutual friend diagnosed a recent hiss/pop to some bad caps in the power supply section and replaced them with Elnas along with some different bypass caps, Audiocap I think. Currently running a quad set of Radio Technique 12AU7s in the Line Stage. I'm really impressed with this Doge. It betters the Ming Da in every area, not by a huge margin but certainly noticable. Just takes my system to the next level so to speak. Not too crazy about having a tube preamp running 8 tubes but it just sounds so 'right'. Slightly leans towards warm but retains a firm grip on the bass all the way through shimmering hims. Huge sound stage, 3 dimensional like. Have not tried the phono section yet. Hope to soon.
At $1500 used with good tubes I can't imagine doing much better for a tube line stage with remote, and with what I read is a good phono stage. There does not seem to be a lot of these Doge preamps flipped through Agon. Interesting!!!!
I've also read very good comments about the Doge preamp and CDP but have never heard one myself. I agree, they don't come up on the used market very often.