Doge 8 Clarity with tube upgrade or Primaluna EVO 300

Replacing my current preamp. Its dead Jim. Price is a limiter but performance is still important.. I have come down to between the upgraded Doge 8 Clarity and the EVO 300. Leaning PrimaLuna but the price point on the Clarity is really nice. I have a line on an EVO 300 for $2700 and the Clarity sells new  with upgrade for $1800. Interested in people's thoughts on the two units.
But you are doubling everything to be true balanced, a product done properly, would you notice any difference in sound quality?
I am skeptical to that, for the money I think you get more single ended, if it is 0.001 or 0.00001, who cares!?
I recently tried to get work done on my older Doge 8 and have discovered that apparently there is no service for the brand in the US, despite what the website says. In fact, Doge does not have service manuals or a process for supportino anyone attempting repair. And my sense is it's not exactly a simple tube preamp that a competent tech could suss out, troubleshoot, and repair without documentation, but I could be mistaken about that. The products are apparently reliable, and I love the way mine sounds, but caveat emptor.
You've never had a full discrete balanced system, so why would you say the difference is minuscule?

Just look at all the mono amps available. Do you really think they're just to drain your wallet? They would be if the rest of your kit was compromised as ALL single ended designs are. And in addition, the RCA connectors are another weak link