Doge 8 Clarity with tube upgrade or Primaluna EVO 300

Replacing my current preamp. Its dead Jim. Price is a limiter but performance is still important.. I have come down to between the upgraded Doge 8 Clarity and the EVO 300. Leaning PrimaLuna but the price point on the Clarity is really nice. I have a line on an EVO 300 for $2700 and the Clarity sells new  with upgrade for $1800. Interested in people's thoughts on the two units.
Telling us the rest of your Equipment would help. The Doge 8 has a Phono Stage, will you be utilising that? If you are not using Phono than I would definitely advise a dedicated Line only Pre-Amp. I have an earlier Doge 8, it's line stage is pretty good, although it need's careful matching with Power Amp, preferably something a little laid back, as it's a bit forward sounding and can get a bit fatiguing in the wrong set-up. If you were going to use the Phono Stage, the MM when modded is reasonable and it becomes a Bargain if both are used. If using Line Stage only you will do better for not much more money.

Havn't heard the Evo 300. The PL's I have heard have sounded ok.

Good Luck.
About 6 years ago I contacted Doge asking why their kit isn't true balanced (which IMHO is where True Hi-end audio begins) . His answer was pathetic, more of an excuse for his mental laziness

If you've paid any attention, over the last decade more and more true balanced kit is finally available. My question is "What took so long?"

Tweak1 - sorry to burst your bubble, but if you seriously think that equipment needs to be balanced to be high end, you are seriously mistaken, balanced should really not be needed in home stereo, it was for the studio and concerts.
Think about it, for true balanced, everything has to be double, making equipment more than double expensive. Totally not needed, but it looks good in the leaflet from the manufacturer...
ps. I have myself some balanced equipment in my system 😜
Thanks for the reminder! My phono preamp is a Jolida d9II that has been upgraded and my amp is a rogue 100. So, yes. I am looking for a line stage preamp. My speakers are some older paradigm S8s. Big but pretty, and that makes my wife happy! My other requirement, another concession to the homestead, is I need an HT bypass. That excludes a number of older highly rated line stages.

For the balanced signal guys... the EVO 400 has balanced outputs for another grand, I spent that money already for power conditioning for my whole set-up. I have all balanced stuff in my studio, which is where it is really needed.

The fact that you have SOME balanced kit proves your ignorance on the subject. Considering that, most likely your reference balanced kit merely has balanced I/Os, which by no means makes it/them true balanced. But, even if they are, and you mixing them with unbalanced kit, you’ll never know what they bring to your experience

The truth is out there. You just have to look for it

Ignorance is on your part on this topic I am afraid, I have an fully balanced amp, but I did not buy it because it was a balanced amp but because it sound just the same using balanced cabling or rca cabling, please read up on the topic, and try to educate yourself, it is never too late.