Doge 8 Clarity 2017 ed. Manual

Good morning fellow enthusiasts, 

I have a Doge 8 Clarity 2017 edition on the way. Bought it used on a decent priced. Unfortunately, the seller no longer have the manual, and I was made aware of it. I have tried researching online for links or discussion, but sadly I could not locate one. I have reached out directly to Doge but have not heard from them either.

Is there anyone out there that could help me out with a manual for the said tube preamp? 

Any help or direction will be much appreciated.

Thank you everyone, 
Oliver, I own a Doge unit too. I’ll look to see if I have the email address of the US contact for the company. He was very responsive. 

Doge makes a great product. If you look inside to roll tubes you’ll see it’s made to a high standard. Caps are better grade than my Primaluna. 
Oliver, try Brian at Doge.
Thank you jbhiller for the information. I am looking forward to my first tube preamp. 

I’ve read good things about it!

Once again, thank you!

I also own the Doge 8 Clarity but the 2019 edition, anyway the user manual should be the same. If you wish I can make a scan of it and send you via email. PM me if you still need it
Thank you silvanik for your kind offer. Bryan at Doge was very responsive to my request and was able to send me the most current draft of the manual. 

For anyone who needs a manual for any reason, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or