Doge 7 tube DAC

Anyone here using or have heard the Doge 7 tube DAC? I'm very interested in it after watching the review of Jay (The next best thing studio).

I was set on getting the Denafrips Venus II but after viewing his review, i am now on the fence whether i should get the Doge 7 or the Venus II. Jay gave the Doge 7 "the best DAC award last month along with the Pontus" and yesterday on their yearly awards, he gave the "Best price no object - component award of the year" to Doge 7 tube DAC and take note, among its competitors were the Denafrips Pontus and Terminator+.

I'm really intrigued if i should get the Doge 7 due to this.

My system:

B&W 805D3

Primaluna EVO400 tube preamp (soon)

Primaluna EVO400 tube poweramp - 2x 70w (soon)

streamer - either lumin u1 mini or OpticalRendu (soon)

small bedroom setup (18 sqm/193 sqft)

music i listen to = jazz/classical/soft relaxing music. I don't listen to rock, electronic, loud, disco music.

Check out the MHDT line of tube dacs, detailed and smooth. easy to listen to
I'm thinking about the Doge 7 too. Currently have a PS Audio DSJr and like it but wanting to check out some tube and/or NOS dacs this year. MHDT, Doge 7, AudioMirror are all on the radar. Curious to hear anyone else's thoughts if they've had and/or heard the Doge 7.
Or you can keep watching Jay/NBTS, he will be promoting another giant killer chifi dac next month. And another one the month after ...

there are many great DACs that are made in the USA by the likes of Schiit, Audio Mirror, PS Audio, etc. with good reliability, reasonable prices, and resale track record.  NBST has pretty much turned into the marketing arm for chifi products at this point. Nothing wrong with that, he has to earn his bread somehow. But their claims of 5x the price to performance ratio or hogwash. 
I have been using Doge 7 for almost two years now and I highly recommend it. Very organic and musical with great imaging. While it's very detailed, it doesn't have any of digital harshness at all. I just watched Jay/NBTS and fully agreed with his assessment of the Doge 7. The stock Chinese tubes sound pretty good, very quiet and provide ample resolutions. I recently change the stock tubes with some of NOS Jan/Philips 12AT7 tubes and they improve sound quality noticeably to my liking.  

In general, Doge produces a range of great tube products. They are a bit unknown but their products have great quality and the values this DAC and other amplifiers are tremendous.  I also highly recommend their Doge 8 preamp, which I have been using for the past 8 years with great satisfactions.  

I use both Doges in my main living room:
Doge 7 DAC
Doge 8 Preamp
Manley Snapper Mono Amp
Magnepan 1.7i Speaker
Audio Envy cables 

I just noticed that Doge 7 is being back ordered, maybe due to high demand now. I am happy to see they finally got some recognitions they deserve. 
Or you can keep watching Jay/NBTS, he will be promoting another giant killer chifi dac next month. And another one the month after ...

hahaha arafiq - couldn’t agree w you more

flavor of the month, flavor of the week

rite of survival with these internet/youtube reviewers

ultimate hamster on treadmill - ultimately credibility asymptotic to zero
No 'doge' in this fight but ocean2059 just relayed his impressions based on the same gear in his room and seems like Jay isn't blowing smoke - or at least Jay's smoke doesn't NECESSARILY smell like BS.
Go to Doge website and lookup the Doge 10 page. See who is prominently featured on that page. Impartial reviews... yeah, right!! Like I said, nothing wrong with making it a full time profession, but it’s disingenious to pose as an impartial reviewer when it’s clearly a pay-for-play job.
Bought a Doge 5 and Doge 7. I can highly recommend them . The Doge 7 blew my Matrix MQA pro out of the water in every aspect. The Doge 5 is as musical as I have ever heard. 
My own experience with Doge product is very positive. I have some email communications with their chief engineering and he is very polite and always try to answer questions with technical details. It's a small Chinese company with excellent design and engineering capability and run like a family business producing tube gear for over 15 years, I believe. The first Doge gear that I bought was a Doge 8 preamp exactly 10 year ago. It's been in my living room system ever since, playing about 3-4 hours per day. It never has had any problem and I changed tubes twice. 

The main problem for Doge is their poor web presence. Their website and produce pages are poorly written. So I don't suggest read too much into what they advertised for their product review. But, personally, I don't think they are paying Jay for his review.  

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I had the Doge6 CD player and loved it.  Doge definitely knows digital.  Plus they offer service in your home country, which is great if you need it.  
I, too, have the Doge 6 CD player for 6 year now. It's an excellent CD player. I like it better than my Oppo 205 player.

I recently compared Doge 6's analog output and digital output via Doge 7 DAC. The Doge 7 DAC has a bit more rich sound and extended high. To me, the tube analog section of Doge 7 DAC is excellent.
I have the MHDT Orchid and really like it but the Doge 7 is very interesting.