Hello to all. 

In the midst of the pandemic, financial woes forced me to sell my Cary CAD120s MKII amp, and my Cary SLP-98L preamp..

Im now ready to jump back in. 

For a change, Im looking at 2 Integrated Chinese manufactured units. 

The Doge 10 MK3, and the Line Magnetic 805ia. 

The Doge , when properly tubed, will run about $2800 complete. I have found a brand new boxed LM 805ia. Price shipped will be $3800. 

Ive seen rave reviews for both units, and would to hear any input on the opinions of both. Especially the DOGE, being $1000 to the light side. 

Thanks to all. 


I have the Doge 10 Mk3 for 4 months.  I find it very detailed,  dynamic,  able to image very well, extremely well packaged and made. So far,  no complaints.  I believe it compares very favorably to an old  BAT 5000 Power Amp I had 10 yr ago, which weighed about 80lbs and cost 5 grand. I think Dodge 10 weighs about 55 lbs

Good luck, Jim.

@jimger - assuming you live in the US, did you have to pay an import duty?  N/A if you’re not in the US.  

Took almost 1 year for me to receive a letter from the IRS telling me that I owed taxes of hundreds of dollars for a pair of speakers I purchased from Canada the prior year (2021)