Dog Proof Speaker Stands For Harbeth SHL5Plus Speakers

I have a new Lab puppy that is going to grow up fast and im worried about a speaker being knocked off its stand. Blu Tack doesn’t seem to be recommended and i would also prefer something more secure.

I have thought about building stands the speakers would fit down into or attaching corner pieces to the stand so they could not tip. Im sure it will not look great.

My next thought is using the bottom screws on the front and back plates. I would attach fish line and run it under the stand from front to back. Of course i would be worried about the line rubbing on the speakers so i would need to put something under those areas. The stand would have weight on the bottom and possibly screwed to the floor.

Any suggestions besides building a wall, getting a lap dog or should i try to find a Floor speaker that sounds like my Harbeth. Thanks
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I would focus on training your dog to stay away from the speakers. Labs are generally very trainable, although I once had a black lab that was quite loveable but dumb as a 2 x 4. What stands are you using?

I am using wood stools right now. Unfortunately one of my speakers sits out into a  doorway between my kitchen and livingroom.i am afraid keeping her from running past it all the time is going to be pretty hard. 
How about Sound Anchors. They have a number of different models and could probably make something that would work.
Have you considered mounting them from the walls?
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Labs are great (second only to Goldens) but a young energetic puppy will still be quite large by 1,2 even 3 yrs old.  A proximity buzzer might help (they really chirp not buzz).  Training, yes and the buzzer can provide a "correction from the environment."

Besides that first line of defense, putting the speakers in a non-optimal spot for SQ might be good for a couple of years.

If they were dipoles, you could suspend them from a beam, but box speakers will move and cause some modulation if you do that.

A metal 'fence' around the speakers might help.
I'm using a British stand by HiFi Racks made specifically for the Harbeth SLH5 plus.  They are quite solid and very secure.  Makes them feel almost like a floorstander.

Got them from a audio store in Toronto Canada.  Very happy with them.......And my Harbeth's sound just wonderful.
Another vote for Sound Anchors!  I've had mine coupled to my Spendor S100's for 27 yrs!  I've owned a few dogs during this time, the worst thing that's ever happened was I caught my ex-wife's toy Pomeranian peeing on the base of the stand once (hey, there's a reason she's an EX!;).  I've been fortunate to be the owner of my yellow lab; Jackson for the past 8 years.  He's been trained from the very beginning to tread very softly around the system.  He can be running full tilt boogie chasing a ball and if the ball rolls close to the gear he stops, looks at me and waits for me to tell him it's OK to retrieve it, which he than does very carefully.  And I ain't no dog whisperer!  Train that pup!  It's easy;)

Regardless of what you do for stands, IMHO, the dog training is absolutely necessary. If you have never seen the CBS show "Lucky Dog" with Brandon McMillan, it would be well worth watching. It's amazing how he takes an out of control shelter dog and turns them into a well mannered pet. Here's some of the past episodes,

He also has written a book that got excellent reviews.

Skylan four post stands are very stable. I use them with my Harbeth C-7's.

If not too difficult to move,  move into a safe position when not listening. You must be not listening for far more time than listening. I do this for my 3rd system where the middle surround is in an open plan gap between rooms. It is not onerous without spikes and on a carpet. Btw the new B&W's are on castors and they say this has no adverse affect on sound. It becomes just a part of the ritual of sitting down to listen - in the same way I have to switch on when I sit down the tv, pvr, and processor. I use a logitech to do all 3 at a press of a button usually but they still have to fire up. Whilst they are doing that, moving a speaker 2 or 3 feet is not time consuming. I have a lab and a German Shepherd rescue that has no idea what damage joyful expressions can cause! Dogs have no idea what size they are ...! And btw training a self interested rescue German Shepherd does not take 5 minutes, it is a project in itself.
Another one of those strange things with dogs and hi fi is that considering their hearing is supposed to be top notch, how close they lie to loudspeakers when I am playing music!
Another option! Chili pepper worked with my Boxer puppy!
I used both Sound Anchors and Skylan stands for my Spendor SP-100s, and both are very stable.  I prefer the sound quality of the Sound Anchors though.
Resonant Woods stands are excellent with Harbeths.  Beautiful stands, very stable and sounds great to boot.  I would imagine that all of the stands, including Sound Anchors, Skylan, when your dog get big enough and bumps the stands hard, the speakers could fall.  Talk to Resonant Woods, maybe they can build you a custom solution.   

@nycjlee,dogs like toi
I'd be hesitant getting wooden stands. Dogs like to chew.

At least Sound Anchors are metal (thick steel). If you fill them with lead shot, they'd be almost unmovable.
i have dog proof speakers with over a foot of foot print Aerial 10t. swap to heavy floor standers and sell monitors or they may be on curb alert
Cinder blocks, draped with a fabric of your choice for the short term.  Work on training the dog, with the recommend chili pepper sprayed onto the fabric.

The first is quick, easy, and cheap....and temporary until you've got your fur baby convinced that knocking the speakers over is not acceptable. ;)  That will take time and patience....the second evaporates quickly if he/she doesn't 'get with the program' as fast as hoped....

Good luck, and enjoy your new friend.  Remember the puppy you train now will be the companion you have for the rest of your days together.  Make them happy for the both of you. *S*
BTW...We've got 2, a border collie/basset (m/obstinate, dumb, loving, utterly loyal) and a pit bull/plott hound (f/m, Smart, friend to all, eats Anything).  Both +/- 50 lbs. and active.  One speaker downed by the bc/b in 10 yrs., and only because he was more focused on his toy than the somewhat lightweight object next to it.....

But I may be lucky or yell in a memorable fashion.... ;)
Also important:  Concrete floor, 3' stand, DIY speaker.
No damage....I build things that aren't fragile. *G*
Bitter Apple may help also
Thanks for all the Suggestions! 
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Sound Anchors
Pup Proof and superior 
Sound Anchors. I have three Goldens.
2 90lb labs
Harbeth 40.1
I think the Sound Anchor stands would solve the weight problem and keeping the stand from moving.

 My main concern is keeping the speaker on the stand which a weighted stand gives no guarantee my $6500 speaker doesn't take a fall onto the corner of my amp or preamp.

No matter how well a dog is trained I could never fully trust it not to act on instinct and forget its training at some point. This is also why i have always used a training collar on my dog when she's outside of a fenced yard. 
I have two Goldens, Sound Anchor's and 40.1's.  Sound Anchor's are bomb proof.
I have 2 mastiffs and they have run into my horns but never moved them