Does your system sound change with the seasons?

I have a highly resolving system of around 50k. Is it just me and am I nuts thinking that my stereo sounds better in the winter months? Every year the same thing. The sound is less harsh and is a more pleasurable experience in the winter months. Not by a whole bunch but I hear a subtle but definite difference in the tones. What I'm hearing can't be in the high frequencies. I'm 60 years old. I do not let the humidity dip below 40% in the winter in my dedicated music room. If it dips into in the mid 30s things don't sound right.  I installed extra ductwork to help it stay cool in the summer. My room used to get hot from my big amp in the summer. A hot room does not sound as good to me. I have done some research on hearing abilities during the different seasons but there is not a whole lot of info out there. I did find that high humidity is detrimental to sound quality. Water is reflective in nature. Just holler across the lake at night and listen to the response a mile away. "Musicians in outside orchestras would notice the harshness of the sound from rising humidty before a storm approaches. They would call it the bloom before the thunderstorm" Laura Dearborn, Good Sound. Thanks for reading.


Well happily, I have not noticed this with my system. I have a very good system as well. Sunday night late it sounds best… yes.


But happy to,hear your comments.



Winter sounds worse for me due to lower humidity during the winter months as the heat is on drying out my house.  Humility over 40% sounds better in my experience.  I agree!