Does your system sound better in the winter?

When you are in the midst of a heatwave and your entire neighborhood is running their Air conditioners, doesnt that drain the quantity/quality of power coming into your house?
Sometimes my system sounds a little thin during hot days.
Is it me, or has anyone else noticed this? THX
I've noticed the same phenomenon with my system over the years (more than 20). I found its much worse if you are playing vinyl but this is relatively easy to guess why. The phono cartridge is more susceptible to environmental changes such as temperature and humidity. Most manufactured items are specified to perform optimally at 20 degrees C room temperature. So the wilder the fluctuations of operating ambience so should the equipment's performance I guess.
the only thing i know that if outside on the street is 100 i have to turn on A/C and despite i have quite quiet model it's still noisy and swallows details which doesn't happen in winter time. in the winter time i used to have a very noisy heater but now this issue also had bee resolved.:^)
The blue light on my amp doesn't light up (or it lights very dimly) on days like the ones you mention...not enough power, I suppose. The amp still works, but it's obviously receiving less power than it should. I'd comment on the sound quality, but I can't hear a damned thing with all of the fans and air conditioners running.
Hmmm, this is something I haven't noticed because I've never had the same system throughout all four seasons. I have noticed a difference in sound depending on the time, so I guess this wouldn't be unplausible. LOL @ Phild and his fans and AC, I have the same problem with loud downstairs neighbors and their thumping rap.
am i right? the voltage is down to 110.00 , Man give me that juice........shut off the ac.........Less juice, less quality?
My system sounds fantastic on fall solstice (9/21). It sounds absolutely horrible the other 364 days of the year.
I live in California, where we have no winter. Generally, this is a GOOD thing.
Summer is not a good time for critical listening. Between the air conditioner noise, brownouts, cricket and cicada noise, eating outside, etc,-why bother. Who wants to heat up the tube amps with the a/c blasting away? Most of what little summer listening I do is thru headphones in my 2nd system. Even then I put my Grado's aside and use sealed headphones to try and drown out the AC noise. I have finally found a decent pair of sealed headphones-Ultrasone HFI600.
Yes, I have noticed better sound quality in the colder months. Here in Houston I still listen frequently in the summer, but with my heat generating all tube system I can cool the room simply by opening the windows.
Phild you might consider a Tripp-Lite LS 604 line conditioner ($138.65 with $10,000 insurance). This device will bring voltage as low as 87 volts up to a minimum of 107 volts. A maximum of 140 volts down to a maximum of 126 volts.
Don't risk ruining your stuff from a brown out.
Could it have to do with the slightly denser air at the cooler winter temperatures? Since sound doesn't travel in a vacuum, going towards the other extreme could mean better transmission of sound. Seasonal humidity differences might also make a difference.

Or maybe your earwax is softer in summer. Or maybe your outer eardrum cells are drier and less pliable in winter. Or maybe the coclear fluid in your inner ear is slightly more viscous with the cooler temperatures. Or maybe when it's hot you have different bloodflow patterns in your ears. Maybe snow and ice act as ambiant sound absorbers or diffusers.

My best guess is that it's just generally quieter and your equipment likes the temperature better.
It is not only the summer noise. At least in my case, the power quality is worse in the summer. All summer I have had to endure a persistent and loud buzzing from my system. It is so loud I really can't listen to it during the day. And no, it is not a "ground" problem. From the hours of 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM my system is dead quite. It is also quite though the rest of the year.

I hate summer!
Check out a pair of Richard Gray Power Supplies. I was very leary of this product's claims but was offered a no questions asked return policy from my dealer and gave them a try. It dramatically improved the sound and for the first time my system sounds consistant at all times of the day. That said I live in an 1920's building with old wiring and lots of neighbors so ymmv.
I know their is a company called Exact Power that is supposed to deliver a constant voltage, but I dont understand how it can be done, if their is less juice in the neighborhood. I have a Tice PB, with a voltage meter and during the hot days it measures btwn 110 and 112 volts.
During the cooler days , its more like 118/119 volts.
The heat is a pain for me becuase Im trying to evaluate cables....and they all sound like crap!!