Does your system reflect your personality?

Over the years I have read that married couples begin to resemble oneanother. I have also seen things that indicate that people resemble their pets.

Is it possible that the stereo systems 'we' put together resemble us? For example, are people with a more laidback system more laidback? Do people who prefer solidstate gear and a more aggressive sound act more aggressive?

These are obviously generalizations, but is there any substance to these questions? How do you resemble your gear?
Well I'm simple-minded and childish so I have a system that's shiny silver and glows!
When all is right and I let myself go, my personality reflects my system.
My system and I are one. As a matter of fact, when I have mexican for dinner, my speakers start making weird popping sounds and we both have hearty laughs after.
I was wondering if anyone else saw characteristics in their system that they recognize in themselves. I guess I'm not the only one. I am a bigger than average athletic guy. I like big powerful amps. I like having 400wpc driving the music.

I'm not very subtle and neither is my gear. That's not to say detail are not important though.

I like, and participate in contact sports like football and martial arts. Does that have anything to do with liking the contact of a diamond in a groove over a laser in a pit?

I like the bass tight rather than tubby, and I hate midrange bloat especially on me!

Have I gone from the sublime to the absurd?
Yes, extended top end, firm bass, no bloated mid range, quick, not transparent, utterly smooth, and in a handsome cabinet.