Does your system reflect your personality?

Over the years I have read that married couples begin to resemble oneanother. I have also seen things that indicate that people resemble their pets.

Is it possible that the stereo systems 'we' put together resemble us? For example, are people with a more laidback system more laidback? Do people who prefer solidstate gear and a more aggressive sound act more aggressive?

These are obviously generalizations, but is there any substance to these questions? How do you resemble your gear?
Yes, it's cheap and nasty, but performs well.

GREAT POST! I've never thought of this but you're right in my case. I'm nostalgic and interested in the thrill of the hunt. Not surprisingly I have vintage tube gear I had to track down for months.

I always leave things half finished and so although I have my dream setup as far as the units go, my cables and wires are absolute budget. Usually by the time I get around to them I've spent all my money (another characteristic) and/or I'm feeling the need for that thrill again because I get bored easily and I'm out hunting amps or preamps or the big stuff again; and again leaving the cables for later. I've never owned good cables because of these 'issues!'

I also need to be stimulated or jump started is more like it, with just about everything. So my system is geared for LOUD rocking abstract jazz (COLTRANE) that sounds live at high volume...the only way for me to listen w/o getting bored.

Again, great post. (I'll be in the closet bawling my eyes out if anyone needs me.)
Mine definitely represents my take on what music really sounds like. I think it has a "form follows function" emphasis that probably matches my personality to some degree.
not sure of personality but it does someway represent the music i listen to and lots of that music is literally CRAZY.

i certainly wouldn't go that far to grade spirituality or personality with tubes or ss for holly ghost sake!!!...:-)
My system is diverse, detailed, a little too hungry for attention, and not as refined or capable as it should be.

If you knew me, you'd draw your own conclusions about this system's owner...

My systems big ,hot,strong ,powerfull ,loud and pretty just like
I look like a KT-88 power tube.....
Absolutely! I think anything that absords us as hobbies will do become extensions of ourselves. Our component choices are based on a set of criteria that meets our particular needs. Therefore, specific characteristics of the system reveals some aspect of our personalities and provides information on what we feel is important to us.
Nope, it's not perfect!
nope, my system is *NOT* an egomaniacal, raving lunatic of a self-absorbed asshole.
Pbb, I think that I used to go out with your system!
My system is none of those things either, Lazarus. However, it is quite vacuous!!!
I'd say most of the time 100% YES!
I have both, tubes and solid state. Does that make me a split-personality???
Well, my system doesn't reflect my personality, but it does resemble me nonetheless. It is clean, tidy, inexpensive, and performs exceptionally well given its modest origins.
My volume control crapped out, so now we are both unbalanced.
hmm.. my systems have balls and I don't have any. lol.
If such is the case, i must suffer from multi-personalities : ) Either way, both i and my systems are QUITE "disturbing" : ) Sean
Mine doesn't work very often.
I have a tube system as well as a solid state system. I guess that means I suffer from bipolar disorder. :o)
Well I'm simple-minded and childish so I have a system that's shiny silver and glows!
When all is right and I let myself go, my personality reflects my system.
My system and I are one. As a matter of fact, when I have mexican for dinner, my speakers start making weird popping sounds and we both have hearty laughs after.
I was wondering if anyone else saw characteristics in their system that they recognize in themselves. I guess I'm not the only one. I am a bigger than average athletic guy. I like big powerful amps. I like having 400wpc driving the music.

I'm not very subtle and neither is my gear. That's not to say detail are not important though.

I like, and participate in contact sports like football and martial arts. Does that have anything to do with liking the contact of a diamond in a groove over a laser in a pit?

I like the bass tight rather than tubby, and I hate midrange bloat especially on me!

Have I gone from the sublime to the absurd?
Yes, extended top end, firm bass, no bloated mid range, quick, not transparent, utterly smooth, and in a handsome cabinet.
Mine fits me i guess.

Not very refined, but good solid quality, Loves rock and roll, Loves to be loud, and enjoys kicking ass from time to time. Potential to be capable of far more than what it currently is. Loves to party.

Midrange of my system is prominent, so is my tummy.