Does your pet listen to your system?

Not sure if this has ever been a thread for discussion.
We have a pet cat.  Her name is Mina.
She sits in the sweet spot, on the floor, when my system is running, playing music.
I swear she likes to listen to music! 
No, she doesn't tap her paw on the ground or anything like that, but to me it looks like she enjoys the music!
Anyone else out there have a pet that listens to music with them?
No official study, just curious.......
Of all my pets, only the boxer is really into music. When I start listening, she'll sit upright, in the sweetspot and stare straight ahead, ears twitching occasionally when things move about the soundstage.
Our collie mix is partial to Beethoven symphonies.

We recently had to put my mother-in-law's 19 year old cat, who slept through all types of music.

We are moving into a new house in a month and I started singing "our house, it's a very very very fine house, with NO cats in the yard"....
This is quite interesting!  
Pets listening to music appears to be very common, which is a good thing!
I have a vacuum tube system,  all Conrad Johnson.  I also run a moving coil cartridge, Lyra Delos.
I wonder if pets can discern between solid state or vacuum tube; or digital vs analog?
Mina does not seem to discriminate against either digital or analog.  She likes both forms of music presentation. 
Although, she is quite partial to Steely Dan.....

My terrier reacts to the flute every time, head cocked, ears up, joining in with a howl. But she doesn’t react to any other instrument. 
We have four dogs.  They get up sometime in the night to go outside  50% of the time. When I stream music overnight that number drops to near zero.  The Dead seems to be the perfect choice (only need one or two songs) :-)