Does your pet listen to your system?

Not sure if this has ever been a thread for discussion.
We have a pet cat.  Her name is Mina.
She sits in the sweet spot, on the floor, when my system is running, playing music.
I swear she likes to listen to music! 
No, she doesn't tap her paw on the ground or anything like that, but to me it looks like she enjoys the music!
Anyone else out there have a pet that listens to music with them?
No official study, just curious.......
Well I'll be!
I had a hunch I wasn't the only one that had a pet that listened to the stereo!
Ha!  Now we need some expert in pet psychology to explain why they must like certain music types over others......
He really likes "Good Morning" by the Beatles.

So ozzy s dog likes good stereo separation like Mina does!
I have a customer whose dog could recognize when he played a new piece of classical music that the dog hadn’t heard before. He would come running into the room and stare at the speakers (big SoundLab electrostats) with his head cocked to one side.

Our grey tabby, the late great Gandalf the Grey, liked solo bass guitarist Michael Manring.  

Eddy, my tabby cat, is very fond of laid back saxophone. Cello seems be be alright as well. He will often be sprawled out on the floor in front of me. 
If it’s anything that is more “intense”, he’ll be on the couch, rolled into a ball with a paw covering his eyes.

Think he maybe trying to tell me something.