Does your mood reflect your media choice?

I love vinyl and everything associated with it but.....

I find I have to be in that attentive, reflective mindset to be ready for the "ritual" of playing and absorbing vinyl.

Handling of the vinyl carefully, placing on the platter, adding the clamp, spinning platter up by hand in my case, cleaning the vinyl with couple of brushes while spinning, adding Lyra spt to the stylus, carefully lining up the stylus with the lead in groove, carefully cuing down the stylus, then sit and take it all in.
Rinse and repeat in 20 minutes ad infinitum.

Yes it takes the right frame of mind to ENJOY all of that.

And then like tonight when I'm feeling lazy and a little distracted it is the time to stream music. Push a couple of icons on my phone and I'm done.

Are your media choices mood driven?

Or is it just me......
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Absolutely. Consciously or unconsciously. Though I'm usually conscious when I play records. I meant unconscious in the "Freudian" sense, not the blitzed on substances sense. (I don't partake of anything any more). 
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Agreed, I love my vinyl and crave it, but am “lazy” at the e end of the workday and settle for streaming. As much as I enjoy the spontaneous selection of streaming, I find the vinyl more rewarding. But as you mentioned the “ritual” of vinyl playback can be discouraging when tired and wanting to just sit back and listen. 
I can relax with a CD. LAZY. Yes.
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Listen to, collect and cherish LPs, but often it's just easier to pop in a CD and press PLAY!
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A valid point Elizabeth.

In my case my mood usually does not dictate the genre just the format.

And when I'm REALLY lazy I just hit shuffle and play on my saved streamed favourites.

I let Qobuz choose the genre for me in that case.

I really do not have any set routine for type of music related to time of day, I am as happy blaring out rock at 8am as I am at 8pm.
What has mood to do with it?
                    -Gurney Halleck
Mood affect my music choice? Yes, most definitely.
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 Mood's a thing for cattle or making love or playing the baliset.
                                                                       - Gurney Halleck
I feel like music can affect you in so many ways. When you hear a song with a happy melody, it can change your mood; it can change your day. (copy/paste via google)

Gurney Halleck is a fictional character in the Dune Universe created b Frank Herbert. Dang it, miller, get out of that fantasy land...*chuckles

Today is a vinyl day......
I feel the need....
The need for speed ( well 33 1/3 rpm anyway).
Mood definitely affects my music selection. But after a long day, streaming is easier. Any other time, CDs or vinyl. Occasionally, I'll play an old mix tape on my 1991 Denon cassette deck---that's a lot of fun too.