Does your gear need periodic CHECK UPS?

I've seen a bunch of ads recently for equipment that's "just back from for a checkup! Great condition."

This always sounds like BS to me, having never just sent a perfectly operational piece of gear back to a manufacturer for a "check up".

This leaves 3 obvious possibilities:

1) I am exceptionally fortunate that none of my gear has ever died, because I am a bad owner for not having it periodically checked up.

2) I don't really have good stuff, because it doesn't require such check ups.

3) People are full of crap and they think we're so stupid we believe them.

This is not intended as a troll, although I'm sure it looks like one-- but am I off the mark here?

Do you send your stuff in for check ups when it performs fine, and why?
Usually that translates into 'just back from factory service'. It sounds nicer to say check up than service, because a buyer may be more leary of buying a piece of equipment if it had a 'break down' history. In my experiences costlier gear does have more breakdown time. Most Sony receivers will not break for at least a decade, while a preamp or amp that cost 50 times as much probably will need some service in that time. Service because it's not working. From a seller's POV, check-up is a more marketable term than service. I don't believe in this sales technique, and I shy away ads with such claims.

I would also think the "check-up" was a sales tactic but not necessarily a bad one. It's much better that the seller went through the trouble of having a problem taken care of before selling the unit & letting potential buyers know this than just selling as is. It may have been something as minor as a binding post hanging up. Also, the "servicing" might have been an upgrade.

If there's any question as to what exactly transpired during the "check up", all one has to do is contact the factory with a SN to get info. I've done this & even have received reassurance from the factory that the seller was a great customer of theirs!