Check this out for a laugh.
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something else to watch all the panels fly off

Needs Stillpoints.
I bet that's Rok2id's system. I told him not to use cheap power cords.
Was that a Timex washing machine?
Dang, and I just bought a Maytag.
Eat your heart out energizer bunny!
My college roommate had a system like that...briefly
Did anyone get a good look at what they put inside that machine? I didn't understand what they were saying and I couldn't quite make out what it was in the video. It didn't look like it was very big and heavy though. I was up all night thinking about a trip to my local coin op laundromat. 10 super duty machines, all pressed up together in a row, 3 phase commercial electric, high pressure city water, extra strength detergent, suds, foam.....
Hope they had the extended warranty!
I'm not sure but it was the size of starter motor for a larger car.

If I read of something amiss happening at your laundromat, I'll swear you were with me and the guys playing poker.

All the best,
That was Awsome!, What a good laugh!,, Cheers!
My wife and I just about pi$$ed our pants!!!!