Does your CD player not play all the way to the end of the album?

I have an older CD player that is considered one of the best, but can't get all the way through "Waiting for Columbus" and a newer Marantz ND8006 that won't make it through " The Heart of Chicago,1967-1998 Volume II". They get down to the last 3-4 minutes and either just stop, or just start skipping. And it happens with other albums also.  Has anyone else experienced this, and if so is it fixable?
  Yes I did on my old Denon 1520.Pat Metheny Secret Story would not start up or play at the end.I bought 3 CD's thinking the CD's were defective until my brother said it's the CD player couldn't read that long.I switched over to one of my Alesis Masterlinks as CD player and no problem.
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I've never had that issue with any of the 20+ CD players I've owned over the last 35 years. Never had the issue with any of the 1000+ CD's I've owned either. Cleaning and re-distributing the lubricant on the sled rails, as suggested by Elizabeth, would be a good place to start with your troubleshooting.
CD player? What is that?
Elizabeth7, i can understand that issue on my older CD player, but the Marantz isn't a month old and still does it. I agree it must be a mechanical issue though.
I couldn't even get my albums to fit into my CD player much less get to the end. 
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Tanks solx2, I needed that......
Yes, elizabeth7, they are longer cds. The odd thing is I have an older Samsung Blu Ray player that doesn't have any problems with them at all.