Does your BAT?

I have a BAT VK-30. From a distance of 2 feet I can hear what sounds like a motor running. My question is. Do all of the VK-30's make this sound?
The folks at BAT have a great service dept. Victor Khomenko himself will most likely answer any of your questions you may have concerning your VK-30.

Good Luck
BTW, you can get hold of those BAT people at
I have a vk-30 and don't seem to have that problem. I agree with Tubemiser you should contact BAT regarding your problem. Something like that would drive me nuts!
Have you tried floating the ground? is it coming from both channels? If its only one channel it is either a tube or capicitor, if its both channels I would put money on it being something VERY simple to fix-i.e. new/different cables or floating the ground. From my experience I have found a great deal of change in the sound with various PC's on BAT gear, perhaps if you have any other laying around you could try them as well.
You don't have any ties to a cable line, do you? Meaning, you don't have a vcr/tv/Tivo or any component that may touch an incoming cable line connected to the BAT, do you? If so, unplug the inputs into the back of the BAT. Tube preamps are notoriuos for picking up hum from a cable line. I had a problem with a Cary and an Audio Research before I realized I could not hook my VCR up to my preamp.

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I found the problem. My BAT does not like my PS 600. When I run the vk-30 into the wall the motor sound goes away, on the other hand,thru the power plant the buzzing sound is there in full force. I am going to play around w/ some of the multiwave settings on the 600.
BAT's don't like the PS Audio PP. It was all over their (PS Audio) website about 2 years ago.
Half of the PS-600 multiwave options eliminate the motorized sound and the other half exhibit this awfull noise. I was ready to jump ship and try the shunyata. Thanks for all of the advise.