Does you wife touch your system?

I am quite surprised how my wife is becoming an audiophile little by little. Until not that long she was happy with computer desktop crappy speakers and now every time I get nice stereo is sounding to the point that she enjoys it more than me!!!!

I wonder if this new situation will make my next purchase justifiable...:)
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Elizabeth, are you saying wives are supposed to have those skills? Wow, I was told my wife is a wife, but if those are the requirements, I was really lied to!
Elizabeth, doesn't your hubby do some of those stuff for you?

At least your hifi will sooth your soul, look good, and make you feel good...
Nobody touches my turntable!
No, it is all too much at this stage...but she lends me her ears to keep the music real! I married her in the '70s for her Frazer "Black Box 1"s, Elac tt, SCA-35, and FM3 which she could operate :-)