Does XLR-RCA converter work for digital?

I plan to use the Behringer (EQ) in between my transport and DAC, but it only accepts and output digital XLR while my transport and DAC only accepts coax. Can I just use the normal converter such as Neutrix or Cardas for this digital purpose? All inputs/clarification greatly appreciated.
You need a 110 to 75 Ohm transformer to do it right. Canare makes one, but it is xlr-BNC so you would still need a BNC to RCA adapter.
Wait - the EQ goes between the preamp output and the power amp in - that way one unit can serve all of your needs.

Also - and much more important - there is nothing to EQ between your transport and your DAC - its digital...

I think the Behringer does have an option to EQ in digital? Got some ideas from this thread

Anyway, from Rotarius's post, it can be inferred that the Coax is 75Ohm and the XLR is 110Ohm? I have a weak technical background.
First: is the output in the same form as the EQ?
The most common use of XLR in digital is AES-EBU format. The RCA is similar, but not the same format! RCA is in SPDIF format. They do NOT fit together like an ordinary connector!
Checkout Wikipedia "spdif" and see the different parameters.
SPDIF is 75 ohms, AES/EBU is 110 ohms - which is what Rotarius was saying in the first post

Wikipedia sez that SPDIF is "essentially" a consumer version of AES using consumer connectors - but AES 110/XLR is balanced (why it is used in pro installations) whereas SPDIF is single ended (why you find it on a consumer unit).

As I understand SPDIF was developed by the Sony CD consortium as a tool for testing - it would make sense that they were familiar with and used part or all of the AES (Audio Engineering Society) standard.

So the conversion may or may not be complex - best bet is to call Behringer

Thnx for the thread - I read the article and it still escapes me how they are EQing before the bits are decoded

No doubt however that good EQ is a wonderful thing
Also the voltage is a factor of 10 different from SPDIF and the AES EBU. Ten times the voltage coming out of the Beringer,and ten times less going in ain't gonna work.
Your best bet is to get a convertor box which fully converts from one format to another. Something like this from Hosa..