Does West Coast Jazz get any better then this?

Conti Candoli All Stars. "Little Band, Big Jazz." 

This is one of my desert island records. It was a thrift store find over 30 years ago. Look for the stereo version on red vinyl ... its the best sounding. It was released on the budget Crown label. It's also available on CD. t virtually comes alive on a high resolution system. The CD has outstanding sound too.

It was released on the budget Crown label. It's also available on CD. 
And by the way ... the Audioengine +2 speakers do a mighty fine job sitting next to my computer screen playing the Little Band Big Jazz album. I think I'll get their subwoofer just to fill things out a bit. 
Check out Shelly Manne and his men.  Conti Condoli, Ritchie Kamuka on sax and Shelly on drums.  Amazing musicianship and musicality. 

Oregonpapa, no it doesn't; I'll mention it on my thread "Jazz for Aficionados" if you don't mind.

All the musicians on that disc are the best the West Coast has to offer.
^^^ Mind? Heck no ... these guys need the respect they deserve. Spread the word, brother. 
They sound fantastic!