Does UPS ever open and inspect packages?

Lately, I have had a couple instances where I have shipped a practically mint item via UPS only to find out from the recepient that the item looked as if it had been taken apart or inpected. This happened most recently with a power cable. Again, it wasn't damaged per se, but it wasn't in the same condition that it was originally sent either. Cable was well packaged btw...

So, my question is (maybe a UPS employee can pipe in here) does UPS do any kind of a random package inspection? I can see where some of the weird stuff that we audiophiles ship around could fall under the area of "suspicious" at times, especially in this day and age (and especially if they x-ray random packages??), so I wondered if this was a possiblity.
I have purchased some Dell computers and they were open when arrived. I asked UPS and was told that they do random inspection due to security and drug trafficking concerns. They usually reseal the open box back with a security tape.
Don't know if they opened it but they could damaged it for sure.....
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Yes they can if they feel item might be improperly packed or if box was damaged in transit or other ?? they have to insure they don't get duped.
Another reason to photograph everything, including the packaging.

As per Sidssp, they should be resealing with a tape that indicates that the package has been opened. I have had a few things coming up to Canada that have been opened by customs and they have such a tape.
UPS SUCKS... They NEVER admit damage EVEN when they pack it. I use DHL soley for shipping after losing Much $ on sales/trades. DHL just is not as busy yet. AND if you send a package UPS across the street 5 day it will only arrive on the 5th day.
I regularly get Fla.-Ca. shipping 3-5 day in 3 day, Tex-Ca. in 2 days when I specifically ask for ground, cheapest possible.
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Someone could've been looking to steal your stuff. It happens all the time. And don't let the "inspection resealing tape" fool you. Who do you think does the inspections? ;--) Just be glad they didn't think your stuff was worth stealing!

No they do not open them. It is company policy to not open any packages. However that same policy does go on to provide the right at anytime to either lose or damage packages. My theory is UPS is an acronym for Unusualy Poor Service and there is a reason the trucks are brown. Of course just my opinion, derived from multiple experiences.
Who the hell is going to deliver dope with a computer box that is sealed with thier tape unless thier was an obvious cut in box to make it look like it came from factory and then you would have to send from same zipveirtually inpossible.Yeah UPS uscks but and have damaged speakers of mine more than once.But drop shippers aren't cheap.Prefer DHL but again same deal.Private drop shippers are best wehn it's fragile and heavy but cables i'd go with cheapest option with insurance.
One of the best values (for anything over $500 that won't fit in a USPS Priority flat rate box,) is FedEx's "Express Saver" 3rd day air service.

It's about 50% more than FedEx Ground (and WELL worth it!) HOWEVER you will not see it on their website's rate calculator, and they won't point it out to you at the Kinko's service desk -- even though there's a checkbox for it right on the airbill form!! They're keeping it a SECRET -- can you believe it!

You get minimal handling, often delivery in TWO days, a 150 lb. maximum weight limit per package. For example, I once shipped two 130 lbs. ea. ARC tube amps in separate boxes, insured for $5K, including overnight return to me of the COD cashiers check for $325! Arrived without a scratch.
No, the packages are not inspected. The box will be taped if it has come open by mistake. Quite a few do come open due to either poor taping or if it gets crushed by a heavier package. Once in a while you will see DEA agents there with dogs sniffing the boxes but it's really rare.

UPS don't claim for the damage and late deliveries but pitt-ohio tracking is much better in way of safe shipping
Never heard of this.

I have seen this with UPS and USPS, but not Fed Ex yet. I take photos of all items before closing the top and after it's sealed and ready to go. Also take photos before I open packages and sometimes video of actually opening. USPS is famous for poking holes to "inspect" contents with camera and probes.

+1 @fiesta75  I take pictures as well and forward to the buyer along with the tracking receipt. Only had one damage report in 20 years and that was six years ago.