Does two matched pairs make a quad el34

I got 4 extra tubes with an amp I purchased, never used black treasure 6ca7-z, the boxes say 28, 31, 58, 62 mA. I have a shindo montrachet and was curious if having divergent pairs on each side would cause any problems if everything is biased to spec? Would there there be an audible difference?
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Not sure how your amp is configured. 2 6CA7s per channel? or is it a quad per
channel?? If you can bias individual tubes, matching not so important. If the
bias is per channel and each channel only takes 2 tubes, I'd put the 28 & 31 on
one channel and the 58 & 62 on the other and wouldn't worry. If each channel
takes a quad and bias is per channel (or it's auto bias)...that seems little riskier to
have these 4 all on one channel. It's been recommended to me (own auto bias
mono blocks) to have values within 10% of one another. Might be helpful to
have a little more detail on how your amp is set up. Looking at your title
question...2 matched pairs as you have described certainly don't make a matched
My amp is a pair per channel.
Then you are ok. It also seems to be an fixed bias type amp, ( The terms are counterintuitive fixed bias is adjustable, autobias is the type that you don't change, it changes itself, it requires fairly close matched tubes) which require relatively close matches before implementation.
You shouldn't hear a great difference between the channels.
What amp is it that you are using these tubes in?
Well as luck would have it my quad of NOS dynawatt el34 just arrived today so I will just get those in and go with those. Thanks for the insights. I might try them at some point.