Does Tube Output CDP work as Tube Preamp ?

Hi, What I learned is that Tube Preamp would take out the harsh or edge usually associated with SS Integrated amp. I have a Tube Output CDP(Ah 4000),and using it with SS Integrated amp -NAD C370;I often wonder do I really need a Tube Preamp for pairing with it in order to be rid of SS's harsh and edge?? (Does Tube Output CDP work as Tube Preamp ? in terms of sonically ) My other system: Analysis Plus Oval 9 spkr cable; TruthLink IC;Castle Power Conditioner. Your opinion and advises is highly appreciated and thanks in advance
Hi Simon:

It has been a few months since we have last spoken. To bring everyone up to date, Simon has a NAD 370 integrated; an Ah Tjoeb hybrid CD player; and the Speakers (forgot the brand name/not a familiar US brand, but I remember them as being very "AR Phantom like" stylish) were reviewed as being more suitable for HT use and during the demo the salesman made liberal use of the tone controls to tailor the sound. Since then, Simon has been in tweak mode in an effort to get complex orchestral passages at moderately high volumes to sound detailed, warm, and lush without having to do a major overhaul of his system.

With that said, the tube output stage of a cd player should contribute to a sound that is softer and smoother than that of a ss cd player. A tube preamplifier would be more effective to tame a system's harsh sound ... simply because of where the preamp sits in the sound chain ... though it is possible that the combination of a tube preamp/tube cd player might sound too soft, if you are more accustomed to ss sound.

This is a tough one, because I still think that your speakers are the cause of your dissatisfaction. Is it possible to get a tube preamp on loan from a dealer to try in your system? I believe that would be the safest way to tell.

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tube output of cd-player is identical to the differential input of tube preamp.
tubes have already embedded low-pass filter and UHF correction thus filter distructive HF amplitudes that may damage speaker pratcticall with no additional and complicated filter.
Thanks again Rich.You did summarize my dilemma pretty well and accurate.It is comforting to know that someone takes other's "audio-headache" into account and deliver his opinion and suggestions in trying to solve the problems. I really appreciate and treasure this my audio-pal(my audio-guru actually).With that of your suggestion I'll try to get an audition of another pair of spkr with my NAD amp;and then with Unico amp-this is'nt easy to accomplish in where I live(one could hardly get a chance of home-audition in Taiwan).Well,any other suggestions from you or anybody would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance