Does this translate?

In the current issue of Stereophile magazine ( June) is a write up of the new Aavik U-380. This piece of gear is a DAC, amp and phono stage. The amp is a Class D design. The reviewer is Jason Victor Serinus who concludes his review with this statement: "if I haven't convinced you of the U-380's worth by now, perhaps it's back to Fuller I should go"

Now here's the thing, this piece of gear is priced at $39,000-!!
So two questions...does this piece translate to $39,000- worth of electronics, ( i say no way) and secondly...should JVS go back to Fuller? ( I say
What say you?
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does this piece translate to $39,000- worth of electronics,

$39k retail translates to $18k wholesale of which maybe $4k is electronics. So that would be a big fat no.

@daveyf  In fairness, they only "review" equipment that has already passed the 'audition' to get into the magazine in the first place.
daveyf -- As thread topics often do, the topic of the thread diverged from your original post.  I was just going with the flow.  And yeah, it's terrible.  Trying to control the direction of a thread is the cliche goes...trying to herd cats.
@edcyn  Yes, the topic has diverged from my back to my OP...hopefully.
39k translates to a class D design with a limited open soundstage (as compared to everything on hand), the broken (or not ready unit) and the reviewer’s habbit for promoting (with some kind of cliche). Funny as i posted here on Agon that integrates are excellent value for money.
Casing is nice though and that leaves us with 2k worth of electronics.