Does this translate?

In the current issue of Stereophile magazine ( June) is a write up of the new Aavik U-380. This piece of gear is a DAC, amp and phono stage. The amp is a Class D design. The reviewer is Jason Victor Serinus who concludes his review with this statement: "if I haven't convinced you of the U-380's worth by now, perhaps it's back to Fuller I should go"

Now here's the thing, this piece of gear is priced at $39,000-!!
So two questions...does this piece translate to $39,000- worth of electronics, ( i say no way) and secondly...should JVS go back to Fuller? ( I say
What say you?
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I sometimes wonder if they can even tell the difference between most of the components with the exceptions of speaker, vinyl setups, and tube amps vs. SS.  Given that, what does one write?
Probably my least favorite reviewer is Jason Victor Serinus...seemingly clueless when it comes to matching equipment and the requirements of each individual piece. Evidenced by his pathetic review of the Jadis JA200Mk2 amps and his brutal load Wilson Alexia 1's!! WOW!!
I'm much more forgiving when it comes to the audio rags.   Even though Atkinson himself is too dry and data-driven for me, he has collected an entertaining, erudite staff.  I just love the pictures of the hardware, whether they're in the articles or in ads.  Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed how, over the years, the once healthily divergent Stereophile and Absolute Sound have become a veritable Mike & Ike, but that doesn't stop me from getting a smile on my face when they show up in the mail.  I have to say, too, that the magazines are far more authoritative & believable than the net.  Hey, with a published magazine, chances are decent that at least somebody with genuine knowledge of the subject takes a glance at what's been written before putting index finger to the send button.
@edcyn  Are you claiming that the review that I referenced that JVS wrote about the Jadis 200Mk2 was based on 'genuine knowledge'...??

does this piece translate to $39,000- worth of electronics,

$39k retail translates to $18k wholesale of which maybe $4k is electronics. So that would be a big fat no.