does this sound like a wise tradeoff

should i sell of my oppo bdp93 and bel canto 2.5 dac for an oppo bdp 103. i realize i do not have as many digital inputs using the oppo's dac as compared to the bel canto. but i really only need one input for a sonus, and one input for a roku box. i would use the stereo out put to go to my preamp for music and the hdmi out for video. or should i just stick with what i have.
If you are doing that, buy my 103, so I can go for the 105? That will make this an even sweeter deal.
i am sorry i meant the 105 because that is the one with the dac
Wouldn't the best way to answer your question be to buy a 105 and try it? Oppo offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
Bianchi,I have not heard the 105, however it seems you have a very good digital front end as described. Why change it? Can you get a 105 to try out in your system?
did not know there was a 30 day money guarantee. reason for changing is getting rid of one component in my system and have some money in my pocket to purchase lp's
Many owners say that the Oppo 105 takes quite a while to break in, so you may not hear the full potential of the unit in your 30 day window. No reason not to give it a burl though.