Does this preamp exist?


I'm looking for a stereo, tubed preamp with the following features:

*excellent mm/mc phono stage
*headphone output (or two tape loops)
*at least three line-level inputs plus at least one tape loop
*used price of 1,500$ or less

Right now I have a Audible Illusions 2D which I like a lot more than the Conrad Johnson PV10 that preceeded it (though the CJ was not without its charms). So sonically something similar to the AI.

If you can think of any possibilities, please let me know. And thanks again.
Search for a Kora Eclipse.
I think it has all of that.
You might want to consider the Rogue Magnum 99 with phono card. It's a wonderful preamp and just at your price range - used .
Audible Illusions 3A, I had an L1 and it was a really awesome preamp but no phono.
I would but a sonic frontiers line 1 line preamp and a dynavector p-75 phonostage. im sure that it will total below your spending limits and will sound much better and any one box solution.
I think a BAT vk3i might fit that criteria with the phono card option...
bat vk3i or if you can strech a little more, the vk30 with remote and phono
note the BAT uses quite few tubes that can run into material money to upgrade to quality NOS units
Thanks for the all the responses so far.

The Kora looks very nice, but I don't think I could get it for 1,500.

The AI 3A was high on my list, but it lacks headphone output or two tape loops. Same problem with the BAT.

So that leaves the Rogue 99 w/ phono. Can anyone comment on the performance of the 99's phonostage? LP is my primary source.

Asonicyouth's suggestion of linestage + phonostage has been something I've considered and his specific combo is one that I've already looked into. I'm just trying to cut down on the number of boxes. Though if the choice comes down to excellent vinyl playback v. clutter, I think playback would win.

Thanks again, and let me know if there's another candidate I should consider.
Be warned; the AI Mod 3a runs its triode tubes "hot" and is picky about tubes used. I blew a pair of NOS tubes overnight; nothing wrong with them. Most owners say only get your tubes from AI and Upscale audio. This is a known issue; so, your use of quality NOS tubes is severely restrained.
If your lucky you might come accross a Tandberg 3018A. Great unit. Excellent phono stage and with rosewood panels very nice. Mike
TAD-150 check it out at New it's $1299.00 for the regular version $1537.00 for the signature version. Has exactly what you are looking for and accepts 12AU7,AX7, or AT7 tubes so you can tailor the sound to your ears. All that and remote control too.
I would urge you to consult a qualified technician familiar with Tandberg products. I just had a pretty bad experience with a Tandberg 3008A. One tech said he will no longer take them in for service due to extremely costly replacement parts from Tandberg; many of the parts of proprietary Tandberg and NOT cheap. Labour costs can be quite high as they were not built with ease of service in mind.
You might be interested to know that AVA has a new Trnscendence 8 SLR available but it's not on the website yet- you would need to call Frank.

(4)inputs; (2)tape loops; (2)main outputs. Optional phono stage; optional remote; optional tape output buffers.
I buy and sell What ever I run into. I happened to run into a Tandberg 3018A. How do I test it? What is a good website to sell electronics?
I had the Rogue and I also have a CJ Pv-11 and a Modwright preamp. The Rogue was more dynamic, fuller sounding with better bass than the CJ the only thing I didn't like about it was the high end was a little too soft for my taste. It has an excellent phono stage for high output MCs and all MMs. The phono stage compared favorably to the CJ which phono stage shines above the line stage. I realise now that the CJ actually has a tipped up high end because the Modwright sounds similiar to the Rogue on the highs. Now I need to find a good outboard phono stage. Another quest!!
Do you want it to make cappucino too?