Does this make any sense?

I currently have my SFO3s connected to a Mc MA6500 using biwires. However, the MA6500 has connections for two sets of speakers. So, would I get better or worse sound if I run two single cables to each speaker, one for hi and one for low? Any recommendations for or against?
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I run two seperate cables and find it fantastic for tailoring sound, much better than single bi-wire cable in this set up.
I have tried bi-wired cables and single cables (with jumpers) from a single set of L/R outputs on my amp 

With the "right"cable, bi-wiring seemed to offer no benefits in this case - just more expensive.

If Soyuz have bi-wired speakers you might want to take a look at KLE Innovations new jumpers

Bi-wired speakers will benefit from b-amping.

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Sorry all, I’m not sure I’m making my
question clear. 

My amp has two sets of speaker connections. So Speaker 1 out will be connected to my Speaker Hi connections and Speaker 2 out will be connected to my Speaker Low connections - 4 separate amp out connections and 4 separate Speaker cables. 

Will this increase the output (roughly) to the speakers and/or deliver cleaner sound?

 Will this be better than just using Speaker 1 outputs and bi-wiring? 

Feedback appreciated!
As I've already stated using 2 sets of Speaker Cables is superior IME. Allows you to tailor sound to high's/mids & lows.
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Well - the results are in! Wiring Speaker 1 outputs directly to my SFO3s Hi inputs and wiring Speakers2 outputs directly to my SFO3s Low input is decidedly clearer and the bass substantially quicker and deeper from a McIntosh MA6500 into these 4 ohm speakers. Source material the Red Violin soundtrack, track 20 with deep kettle drums which are now more precise, a definite bang with no after roll, and the McIntosh Reference Disc tract 1 Stravinsky Firebird Suite. More deep precise base than before. All cables Maze Audio 12 gauge before and after switch. But direct cabling versus previous biwiring (2 bananas at amplifier and 4 bananas at the speakers). Daydreaming? Horse feathers? I don’t think so. 


the Red Violin soundtrack is an excellent disc for testing one's system.

Happy Listening!