Does this make any sense?

I currently have my SFO3s connected to a Mc MA6500 using biwires. However, the MA6500 has connections for two sets of speakers. So, would I get better or worse sound if I run two single cables to each speaker, one for hi and one for low? Any recommendations for or against?
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I run two seperate cables and find it fantastic for tailoring sound, much better than single bi-wire cable in this set up.
I have tried bi-wired cables and single cables (with jumpers) from a single set of L/R outputs on my amp 

With the "right"cable, bi-wiring seemed to offer no benefits in this case - just more expensive.

If Soyuz have bi-wired speakers you might want to take a look at KLE Innovations new jumpers

Bi-wired speakers will benefit from b-amping.

The biwire speaker cable (separated internally in a single bundle) has been shown to be significantly inferior to physically separate cables for the high and low sets..

(if I understand the op, he is interested in connecting those two sets so one each is on different posts on the amp. I do not think it matters, other than convenience. It may be hard to put two sets on one speaker post on the amp ... and using both should be no problem

As far as biamping. I have to say newbies should leave biamping to old pros at it. Biamping reads like something cool, but it is hard to properly implement, and usually ends up WORSE than having one great amp instead of two half the price amps. (plus the required crossover)
Sorry all, I’m not sure I’m making my
question clear. 

My amp has two sets of speaker connections. So Speaker 1 out will be connected to my Speaker Hi connections and Speaker 2 out will be connected to my Speaker Low connections - 4 separate amp out connections and 4 separate Speaker cables. 

Will this increase the output (roughly) to the speakers and/or deliver cleaner sound?

 Will this be better than just using Speaker 1 outputs and bi-wiring? 

Feedback appreciated!
As I've already stated using 2 sets of Speaker Cables is superior IME. Allows you to tailor sound to high's/mids & lows.
The output will NOT be increased by the op using two separate sets of amplifier posts. The amplifier power output will be identical either way the op connects the wires.
The use of eight total speaker amp posts instead of just four of itself will NOT make the sound better.
The use of 4 separate cables MAY/or may not make the sound better/cleaner. The consensus from upgrade audio cable users would be  'hopefully/probably' it will sound better. (no guarantee)
Well - the results are in! Wiring Speaker 1 outputs directly to my SFO3s Hi inputs and wiring Speakers2 outputs directly to my SFO3s Low input is decidedly clearer and the bass substantially quicker and deeper from a McIntosh MA6500 into these 4 ohm speakers. Source material the Red Violin soundtrack, track 20 with deep kettle drums which are now more precise, a definite bang with no after roll, and the McIntosh Reference Disc tract 1 Stravinsky Firebird Suite. More deep precise base than before. All cables Maze Audio 12 gauge before and after switch. But direct cabling versus previous biwiring (2 bananas at amplifier and 4 bananas at the speakers). Daydreaming? Horse feathers? I don’t think so. 


the Red Violin soundtrack is an excellent disc for testing one's system.

Happy Listening!