Does This Machine Exist?

OK, not really up on the whole digital audio revolution and haven't really cared BUT....thinking about how I can maybe free up some shelf space and simplify things a bit. Currently using an Esoteric X03SE. Very happy with it and do most of my serious listening to vinyl with the XO3SE reserved for background music unless I have a very good quality CD or SACD recording that merits greater attention. I'd like to maintain the ability to play CD and SACD and hang on to the 50 or so very good quality issues of these that I own--I like having the booklets and physical medium. BUT, I do have a whole bunch (maybe 200+) CDs that are simply run of the mill--great for the car or for background music but which I would be fine letting go of IF I had a copy stored digitally somewhere. SO--is there a machine out there that will playback CD/SACD with fidelity equal to my Esoteric BUT which will also record/burn my run of the mill stuff and store it on a hard drive within the same unit so I can toggle through with a remote and play these back as background music when I want to hear them? I haven't looked too hard but I don't think I've seen anything like this on the market. If it doesn't exist, why isn't someone making this machine? To be clear--I do NOT want to burn my CDs on to a computer and connect THAT to my audio system--it just FEELS VERY WRONG to me. Computers are for work, not for play.
Dodgealum- Sorry, dude, what you are talking about IS a computer.  Optical drive to read the data, check.  Memory to store the data, check.  Internet connection to download metadata (unless you want to manually enter the album, artist and track names), check. Microprocessor to run the whole show, interpret the bits in storage and direct the data stream to a digital to analog converter (or as my digital native son calls it, a sound card), check. No matter what the manufacturer calls it,it's a computer. Some call them music servers, some have other names, but make no mistake about it, it is a computer. If you want a one box solution, then you are talking about something like a MusicVault or an Antipodes among others.  The MusicVault has lots of internal storage, the Antipodes, IIRC, requires external storage.  Not sure about the Sony HAPZ or whatever it is.  You can control most of these from a smartphone, which of course is also a computer.
Depends on which Antipodes.  Most of them have internal storage.
The best servers i’ve seen such as ReQuest Audio’s ’The Beast’ are based on Linux operating systems developed in-house which you would expect to be more stable and reliable than cheap pc’s, and way more reliable than swisse cheese Windows-based systems. Furthermore, security is the cornerstone of the Linux OS, so Linux-based servers  should not develop any bugs if connected to a router for metadata & internet radio.

Also, ReQuest Audio (like Aurender) use solid state instead of optical drives, removing one variable you mentioned.

Personally I plan to add a future Vitus Server transport at some point when I start to run out of room to store cds & run that dac out to my Vitus SCD-025Mk2, though that is a few years away. For now I still enjoy spinning cd’s :).
The Sony HAP-S1 or the Sony HAP1ZES. Both are hard drive systems that store your music internally once transferred from a PC. You will have to "rip" your cd's to a computer first. The issue will be SACD's. Both units can play 2 channel DSD, but only as digital files. So unless you have a modified Sony Playstation 3 with a SACD drive and certain firmware, you'd be out of luck there.
For the cd's look into one of the Sony 300 disc changers, which can be stacked to 600 disc's.  Also you can add a Sony 595, changer that can play SACD's.  All these units can be linked together.  I use such a stack in my office system and keep track of the titles on an Excel sheet in my computer.
The 300 disc Sony will not sound anywhere as good as the Esoteric.
dodgealum it has been a while but we need to get re-connected.  I can help you with what you are seeking.

Happy Listening.