Does this exist? Preamp/Streamer/DAC with MQA, Roon and more

I'm looking for a particular set of features that seem to be very hard to find in a stereo (2.1) product. My budget is preferably around $2,500 but there is some flexibility. Here's what I would like:

Must have
-Network streamer
-Roon endpoint
-MQA compatible (not interested in your opinion of MQA)

Want to have
-HDMI inputs/output for video switching only and 2 channel audio (to allow TV sound through stereo)
-Room correction
-Subwoofer management

I recently purchased the newly released NAD C658 which, when adding the optional HDMI module, covers every must have and want to have (Dirac room correction is coming in a later FW update) for a total of $1,800. Perfect! The problem is that so far the thing sounds lousy. I'm trying to let it burn in more and see if Dirac comes and makes it better, but it's not looking good after the first few days. The DAC seems to be the problem. It seems to suffer from audible time smearing and sounds too clinical and harsh so I am suspect about Dirac helping with that.

I've also seen the SimAudio Moon 390 but it's $5,300 and doesn't have room correction or subwoofer management. On the less expensive end, SimAudio also has the Moon Ace for $2,900 which has the same features as the 390, minus the HDMI inputs. I'd use the preouts to my own amp since the Ace is an integrated amp.

Then there is the Aurender A10. It costs even more than the Moon 390 and doesn't have HDMI inputs.

Cambridge Audio has some well regarded streamers but they aren't Roon compatible.

Finally, there is the PS Audio DirectStream and DirectStream Junior. I recently purchased the DSJr since it can be had close to my budget and while it sounds incredible as a streamer and DAC, it's not viable as a preamp. I spoke to PS Audio about this and they recommend using a separate preamp for the DS and especially for the Jr. I can't remember exactly why but they told me the signal to noise ratio when used straight into an amp wasn't ideal. I tested this myself and found that the DSJr sounded better even running through a Marantz AV receiver as preamp than it did straight into my amp (the receiver uses pre-outs to the same amp). I don't want to run a DSJr through a Marantz receiver and if I blow the budget on the DAC, I won't be able to get a capable preamp worthy of mating with it. Plus I'm really trying to get down to fewer boxes.

Are there any other options out there that I'm missing?
I found this thread via a search engine and decided to sign up.

This thread, along with the AVS thread, have been fantastic sources for info about the NAD C 658. Taking into account budget & features, the NAD is one of only two left on my list of possible upgrades; the other being the Parasound Halo P6.

So far, I haven’t located a post on the web where the NAD C 658 has been paired with a PS Audio Stellar S300 power amp. Has anyone here had that experience and, if so, can they share their observations and thoughts about the overall sound characteristics the C 658 / S300 combo delivers?
M10 is a new design (compared to the C658 and even the T758).   I had the 658 and it seemed like old technology. 

I am curious why you write this as they are both recent introductions by NAD and use exactly the same DAC. Is it due to the physical form of the unit and the touchscreen, or some difference in implementation?
@mgrif104  The M12/M22 combo I heard was with the Paradigm Persona 3F speaker and it was very impressive. Not the best electronics I have heard recently but very impressive nevertheless considering the price and features available.
I have heard a SimAudio 860A amp with a Lyndorf 2170 (as a preamp) and also an expensive Mark Levinson amp + preamp ( $20K  each) that I thought were better. I did not like the amp on the Lyngdorf at all with the Persona but did like the Lyngdorf a lot as a preamp (did not enable Room Perfect DSP). However, the price difference is ridiculous and it was not THAT much better than the NAD combo. I would take the NAD over all of those listed above because of cost and I know I would be happy with the sound.

The very best amp I heard recently was the Luxman m900u amp (it is unfortunate for my wallet I heard it). If I get lucky and can afford that amp I am considering the Simaudio Moon 390. In the SoundStage review of the Luxman m900u the reviewer used a SimAudio preamp which was rated highly by the reviewer. The Moon 390 is supposed to have trickle down internals from that more expensive preamp and also some newer tech.

I  will be able to do a home demo of the Persona 3F speakers and I have been told that I will not need DSP such as found in the Linn Selekt DSM (I mentioned in another thread). I will be able to see for myself. Things become easier to shop for without the need for DSP.

Based solely on reviews , another cheaper option over the Luxman m900u is the Coda #8 amp and the SimAudio 390. I have not heard this combo though the Coda is being described as having some of the same audio characteristics I found on the Luxman m900u.

In the next 6-8 months I will know if i can afford the Luxman. Until then I will try to demo the Coda and the Moon 390 and also see what new DAC | Streamer | Preamp tech comes down the pipeline.

I have a photo on the A'gon virtual systems of the small room I am putting the new system into.
A really informative review on the Simaudio Moon 390. I was curious where this fit into the Simaudio hierarchy.

While I have not heard the 390, I can vouch for the 780d originally with Mind1 and now upgraded to Mind2.  Incredibly reliable streaming and, to me, sounds great.  Given the 780D is a few years old now, I imagine the 390 may have reaped some of the benefits on the DAC side of the equation.