Does this DAC exist?

I'd like to hook up my dvd player, computer, and digital cable receiver to a DAC. This dac would thus need to have one coax input (from the philips 963sa), a toslink input (from the cable receiver) and another toslink input (from the computer). Ideally it would also have an analog passthrough. I don't have much experience with standalone dacs, but prior to the philips I had a cheapo dvd player hooked up to a msb link dac II. I liked the solidity and bass extension the msb brought (though I felt the philips had a more extended and cyrstalline high end). If I had to choose, I'd prefer this dac to come from the warm/lush side of town and have plenty of toe-tappin rhythm and pace it--kind of like my rega p25/dynavector 10x5 combo. New or used is fine, as is ss or tubed. Budget is 1000$ max, and of course less would be better. Thanks.
What is analog passthru in a DAC? Do you mean one that can function as a linestage too?
I dont know of any dac with 2 toslink inputs. You could purchase a Monarchy DIP or Theta TLC to convert toslink to RCA or AES/EBU.
Theta GenVIII has all that. Well, it comes with only one TOSlink input but it also has an open spot for an additional optical input and I am sure Theta could put another TOSlink in there.

MSB made a model called the "Digital Director" several years ago. This unit had several inputs for digital sources, an anti-jitter filter, and, I believe, a line pass through as well. This unit was only a digital switching device, so you would also need to use it in conjunction with a DAC.
Aroc, the msb link II had a set of analog inputs to which one could hook up a source. When the the dac wasn't operating, the analog signal would be passed through--very handy for connecting multiple sources to a single input.

I'm just starting to educate myself on pc audio, but the consensus seems to be that a toslink connection is best (though others have of course expressed other opinions). The cable box only has an optical out.

So basically, I'm looking for a nice,musical dac that has three digital inputs. Most seem to have only two.

Thanks for the input so far.
The Birdland Odeon-Ag has everything you are looking for except the analog passthrough. 2 Toslink, 1 RCA/BNC (adapter supplied for RCA), and 1 XLR. Cost is around $1300 new, $1800 with the re-clocker option. They don't show up used too often because they kill everything in that price range.
Here are a couple of different options and a big issue:

Birdland Odeon Lite DAC-multiple inputs and built-in volume control. No pre-amp needed, but no analog passthrough. $400-$500 used

Musical Fidelity CD/Pre-24- Transport/DAC/pre-amp and digital switcher w/multiple inputs, all in one box. No pre-amp needed. All of your digital and analog components will work and you can get rid of the pre-amp. $1100-1400 used

Quad 99 CD-P CD player with 6 (3 coax, 3 toslink) digital inputs and an analog volume control built-in. If all of your sources are digital, get rid of the pre-amp. $850-$950 used.

Monarchy Audio Model 33 DAC/pre-amp. I think it only has one toslink and one coax input, but it also has 3 analog inputs. It also has a volume control. If you need another input, use a Monarchy DIP to add one. The Dip will accept a toslink, coax and Balanced input and it outputs on coax. So, adding it to the mix can allow you to add digital inputs.

One potential problem for any of these units is your cable box. Do you have the ability to switch your digital output to PCM on your cable box. If not, none of these options will work. A standard 2 channel audio DAC will not convert a dolby digital format to PCM. My cable box outputs DD5.1 when tuned to most digital channels and DD2.1 for most analog channels. My DAC won't convert it.


Reubent and Tfkaudio,
Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I really like my audible illusions pre and would be hesitant to part with it, especially since I do most of my listening through its very good phono stage. That was an especially astute heads up re the cable box output. I'll make sure to check that out.