Does Theta make two channel DACs anymore?

I sold my Gen Va because I was tired of waiting for Theta's Gen VI upgrade. Out of curiosity I recently looked at their new web page and there are no DACs listed (only DVD transports, amps, and surround processors).
They showed the latest version of the Pro Gen series, the Gen 8 at the Electronics show in Las Vegas(?) in January. It was supposed to be available in the first quarter of this year. As per usual, the availability date has been pushed back. I am looking forward to getting the upgrade. According to the press release, it was also possible to have a line level preamp card installed as well. Maybe someone can give an update.
I talked to Theta on this subject not to long ago (3 months ago). It sounds like there stalling for time if you ask me. The technology is in place right now for the pro-gen VIII based on the Extreme dac card they are building for the Casa-Blanca II pre-amp. God only knows what there waiting for? Maybe they need a thousand pre-orders before they will start production? While were talking does any one else think two grand is a little high to pay for the progressive scan upgrade on a DaViD II?
Very frustrating company. I needed a replacement "manual" which consisted of two sheets of heavy blue paper, printed by computer. They charged me $15.00 plus $4.00 shipping, as they sent it UPS. I thought they had a couple of post offices around the L.A. area. My brother called them with a serial number, to find the age of a unit and was told that piece of info would cost him $35.00! That said, I still wouldn't give up my Data Basic II nor my balanced Gen Va.
This past week, I inquired about the availability of the GEN 8. Theta said that it was delayed and would be available in the 1st quarter of '03.
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