Does the Sunfire MK IV matches my system?

Hello all, I am pretty new to this new (for me) audiophile world.

My system consists of:
Marantz sr 5002 receiver
Sony Blue Disc/ cd player... soon to be upgraded
Technics 1600 TT
B&W 685 speakers

So, would this subwoofer match my system?

Thank you
Not really. You might look at something more 'musical'. Perhaps a Rel T series or something from Paradigm or B&W. Unless of course you are looking for bass quantity over quality.
I am not certain that changing your subwoofer is going to do a whole lot for this setup. If you keep this woofer in check I would think it would be a fine match. If you were thinking about upgrading anything the first thing I would do is get an integrated amplifier/tuner with a better noise floor and channel separation. That is a fairly low end receiver.
Could you be more especific on which models I should be looking for ?
Basically my Marantz needs an upgrade, the only reason why I got it is because I wanted hdmi for movies and it actually doesnt have a phono input for my TT.