does the spyder puck make a difference

have audio aero mkii se , want to install Electrocompaniet spyder puck , heard it makes a big difference and where can i get one
I owned an EMC 1-UP and bought a spyder puck because it was supposed to make a big difference.

It didn't make much difference at all.

Spend your money elsewhere.
I hate to disagree with a fellow GON member, however I had very different results upgrading to the spyder puck compared to the stock puck on my EMC i-UP. More details, tighter deeper bass, a bigger sound stage, so I thought it was worth the money in my system.
The common thread between Teajay and myself on this topic is that neither of us still owns the Electrocompaniet.
I added the puck but was very hesitant due in large part to Tvad's posted experiences.

At the time I was in a jam because the spindle on the player was broken and the importer told me the best option was the puck replacement. So I buckled and paid up.

My experiences were in line with Teajay's. It really opened up the already great soundstage and tightened the bass a bit.

I still have and enjoy the Electrocompaniet.