Does the Spendor S8e invert phase?

Hi, I have been listening to a pair of Spendor S8e's and noticed that the transients didn't sound as crisp as my Vandersteen 1B's (which aren't exactly the most detailed speaker).

However, on a whim, I swapped + and - on the speaker cables and it seems to have improved the sound. Has anyone else had this experience with this speaker?

I had also heard that people with tube amps like the Spendors better than those with solid-state amps. Since many tube amps and/or pre-amps are phase-inverting, I wonder if it has something to do with this. Thanks.
It makes no sense for a spkr to have invert polarity... Maybe it's the upstream active components?
I think that one or more of your c-j components inverts phase. Check with the company to be sure.
Almost all recent CJ preamps reverse phase
Your PV14 is the one inverting the phase.
Hi all, I know my PV-14 inverts phase. That's why I was familiar with the effect of polarity on transients. I had already adjusted for that with the Vandersteens. However, when I plugged in the Spendors with the adjustment, the transients sounded dull. By switching again (2 inversions = phase correct), the Spendors seem to sound better.

A speaker can invert phase if it has a high-order crossover. In fact, the S5e woofer inverts phase (look up the Stereophile review and JA's measurements for the S5e).

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone else has heard this effect with their Spendors. Thanks again.
I once read a review of a Vienna Acoustics speaker in which the reviewer discussed the merits of the crossover that inverted phase for the tweeter only. The reviewer as I recall preferred the speaker with the tweeter restored to "in phase" by reversing the (by wire) speaker leads to the tweeter. Dont know about the Spendors, but I guess its not unheard of.