Does the Rogue Cronus Magnum III have any real competition in its same price point of $3k?

If so, what is it? (new and tubes only please.)


Line Magnetic integrated amps are pretty hard to beat in that price segment
The JBLs are reasonably sensitive, but I've heard the Genesis like a little more power. 

Raven offers pretty generous in home trials, so you can hear it in your system and decide for yourself. 

Any reason you'd like new? You could spend less than, or get more for, your budget by including preowned in your search. 
One integrated, one not: 

Quicksilver Mid-Mono amps -- $2k
Quicksilver Line Stage -- $1.5k
So, a bit more, but would be well made and sound good.

Erhard's Basie Integrated is $2495
no.  i owned a cm ii for almost 3 years and all it did was sound transparent, smooth, refined, dynamic, throw a huge sound stage,  and have some ballz. 
paired with harbeth c7es3 it smoked some much more expensive competition and made for a world class combo.  
100wpc tube integrated amp with phonostage. Can use various KT tubes. Great company support. Made in USA. 3K.  Can't think of any at the moment.