Does the Rogue Cronus Magnum III have any real competition in its same price point of $3k?

If so, what is it? (new and tubes only please.)



Nope, but since the OP didn’t mention that as a requirement; why give a list of stuff that he is not interested in?
the raven has 20wpc.  the rogue has 100wpc.

When you ask for tube integrated recommendations around $3K, that’s exactly what you’ll receive. If you have other specific requirements, beyond what you included, sharing them would make this discussion more focused. Knowing what speakers you have would also be helpful information.

I owned a Chronus Magnum back in 2014 for about 6 months. It was a good entry-level tube amp and ended up being the gateway for me to Air Tight and Rogers tube amps--which are in a completely different stratosphere (price and performance). I moved on from the Rogue because it was not a good match for my Harbeth SHL5+.

Spend a few hundred bucks on replacing the 12AU7 & 12AX7 tubes and enjoy some tube rolling.

Jay:  I have the JBL studio 590 and an old pair Genesis APM-1s that i thought I would sell, but decided to keep.
Line Magnetic integrated amps are pretty hard to beat in that price segment