Does the Rogue Cronus Magnum fit on the Salamander Archetype rack shelf?

Per the Salamander website, the shelf depth is only 16" and the Cronus depth is 18". I have seen posts from people that have this integrated amp and this rack, would appreciate how this combo works, amp hangover past the shelf edge, etc. Seeing a picture would be very helpful.


years ago I had a Cronus Magnum briefly & still have the archetype worked fine as the feet of the amp were firmly planted solidly within the stability of the rack.  As I remember I had it so the front of the amp was flush with the front edge of the shelf it rested on & the back of the amp overhung somewhat which was fine so the spaded speaker cables cleared the shelf it rested on okay...enjoy!
thanks for the confirmation.
I think the archetype has the 4 threaded rods? This is what i have and I adjusted the heights depending on the piece of gear